Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Safeway Getting Away With "murder" and Strokes

I'm writing this detailed article, hoping that others who are working at Safeway who are skateboarders, and or have anxiety or wear green apparel, will read this, to be cautious while working at Safeway or any grocery chain/corporation.

 I no longer work at Safeway and never will, and since it's been nearly a decade since i quit working there, and am already "dead", (cancer/heart disease) Be careful on what your manager (boss) tells you to do, your manager will end up switching your schedules from day times to graveyards and will end up harassing you, and you will end up having a stroke/seizure  which will eventually end up with fatigue and then cancer and disease. See Fatigue,

you will end up being dead at dawn, (fainting) around 20 years old, which is the first warning sign. of heart disease/cancer, at this time, your mind and body is shutting down. see below video. 


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